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It's Official: Farrah's Farm Begins

June 2021.

After months of research, planning, and calculating we finally determined the best varieties of garlic to grow, established our budget, and found the perfect location to begin Farrah's Farm. Living in the city, we do not have the space to grow a garlic farm in our backyard. Instead, we enlisted the help of the Virginia Cooperative Extension, County of Loudoun to locate a land owner looking for farmer to lease a portion of their property.

We were lucky to find a garlic favorable location in Round Hill, VA (a 20 minute drive from our home). The land owners are wonderful people who also run a horse boarding facility. We are leasing just over an acre of land to grow four varieties of garlic. The property's layout allows for 24 very long rows of garlic to be planted (500 feet long). This will allow us to plant approximately 80,000 plants this fall.

Future posts will describe our trials and accomplishments over the first growing season. We are excited to begin our garlic venture and look forward to making new friends throughout our journey. Please reach out with any questions or comments. We are happy to share what we have learned and are very receptive to constructive criticism.

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