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Unloading the Culti-packer... in the rain

I was determined I needed a culti-packer to get the soil "just right". After may days and nights scrolling through the internet and Marketplace, I found just the one in eastern Maryland. It's an older model that is dragged behind the tractor by a hitch. Since I already have a 9 point spring harrow, I was mainly interested in the packer portion of the culti-packer (the long, "very heavy", round thing along the back that rolls across the ground).

I didn't realize just how heavy this 8 foot wide implement weighs. To make matters worse, the day I delivered the culti-packer to the farm, it was pouring the rain (you can see the standing water at the edge of the garden in the image above). I was determined to unload it that day, so with the help of my good friend, and after several hours of tugging and pulling with the pick-up, it was off the trailer. The video below gives you an idea of the density of rain pouring onto us as we fought with the implement. The photo shows just how much rain we received in a couple of hours.

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