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Farrah's Farm

Donyayeh Seer - The World of Garlic

Farrah's Farm is a family operated garlic farm located in Round Hill, Virginia. The owner, Farinoush, immigrated with her family to the US from northeast Iran (where garlic is used in many Persian dishes).  She quickly realized the limited varieties of garlic available in Loudoun County.  So, with the help of her husband, they started a farm dedicated to expanding the varieties and flavors of garlic available in the area.  

We currently have six different varieties of garlic growing on the farm that range from mild to hot. All our garlic varieties are grown following the Certified Naturally Grown process.  This means our garlic is grown naturally using sustainable farming practices, without the use of chemical pesticides or herbicides or synthetic fertilizers.

Our garlic fields are mulched to suppress weeds and maintain moisture.  Weeds are kept to a minimum by a combination of hand weeding and using a cultivator.  Annual soil testing is conducted and the results used to determine the proper amount of amendments to use to optimize soil and plant health.  We continually improve our soil structure and fertility, fix nitrogen, and suppress weeds, diseases, and pests through the use of cover crops and crop rotation.

Farrah's Farm is a proud member of the Loudoun, VA Made • Loudoun, VA Grown™ Program.  Who's goal is to promote the continued development and success of Loudoun’s agriculture and specialty products. 

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